Messy Play Singles- Slimekit (Unicorn)

$ 15.00

Messy Play Singles- Slimekit (Unicorn)

Make your own color-changing slime! This recipe is easy to use and so much fun! This slime kit contains photochromic pigment, which changes color based on sunlight. Inside the slime will be white, but it quickly changes to bright pink as soon as you take it outside into the sunlight! The blue glitter adds that extra unicorn sparkle.

This slime is not edible, but it is nontoxic and totally washable! It will stick to clothing and fabric, but is easily washable in a machine (and can scrub out of carpets as well).

In this slime kit, you'll receive the ingredients you need to make your very own stretchy, sticky slime, plus instructions that explain exactly how to make it. You'll get to mix the ingredients together using your hands, and watch it form as if by magic! It's a really interesting science experiment for kids!

This makes a great holiday gift for that science-lover you know, or that child who's always hands-on!