What is Supervised Play?

Parents must remain on-site with their children. Children must remain within hugs reach or eye view at all times.

Do I need to make a reservation prior to my visit?

No reservations are required for open play hours. Feel free to call ahead of your visit in order to check availability.

Is there a time limit of how long I can stay?

As long as we are not at capacity, you may stay as long as you like. If at capacity, we ask that you give other children the chance to play after 2 hours.

What is the suitable age range for the play space?

6 months to 7 years is an ideal age range for our guests. While older children are sure have a blast at Mon Amie Harlow, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our younger clients by capping the age limit at 7 years.

Do you have a sick child policy?

We ask that parents and caregivers be considerate and keep their children home if they are sick or feeling under the weather. We want to ensure that Mon Amie Harlow remains a fun, safe and healthy environment for all to enjoy.

How often are the toys cleaned?

Our staff is available and working on-site throughout open play hours and after the facility is closed to ensure that all areas and toys within the space are kept clean and sanitary.

Is stroller parking available?

We offer a limited amount of space inside and in the front of our facility for stroller parking.

Is there a place to eat within the play space?

Yes, we have sectioned off a designated area in the front of the facility where food is allowed. In the future, we will offer a small variety of food and drinks. We encourage you to bring your own snacks, as long as they do not contain nuts or nut by-products

Is there a changing table available?

A changing table is available in our restroom

Are shoes allowed?

Socks are optional in the play space. All attendees may enter with clean bare feet or socks. If they choose to wear socks, please be aware that our floor may be slippery.